International Conference: Saturday 14th May 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

Treaty of Rapallo

International Conference

Venue: Hotel Moskva, Belgrade (Serbia)

a project by
Unione degli Istriani – Libera Provincia dell’Istria in Esilio

with the support of
Italian Government
Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Università Popolare di Trieste


Saturday 14 May 2022, Belgrade

Morning session

9.30 - Opening address and institutional greetings
10.00 - Stefano Bianchini, Alma Mater University of Bologna

The Treaty of Rapallo: territorial arrangements and the nationality principle

10.30 - Božo Repe, University of Ljubljana
The Slovens and the controversy over borders with Italy and Austria after the First World War

11.00 - Francesco Caccamo, University of Chieti
The Adriatic Question, the Rapallo Settlement and the End of Montenegrin Independence

11.30 - Discussion

Afternoon session

13.30 - Ivan Bubalo, University of Zagreb
A Soldier of My People”: Ante Trumbić and the Adriatic Question

14.00 - Francesco Leoncini, University of Venice Ca’ Foscari
Carlo Galli, Giuseppe Antonio Borgese, Andrea Torre or the possibility of cooperation in the Adriatic

14.30 - Biljana Vučetić, Institute of History Belgrade
American public opinion on the Adriatic Question

15.00 - Discussion
15.30 - Concluding remarks